Veloster Turbo MBRP Exhaust Products

Looking for a MBRP Veloster Turbo Catback Exhaust Kit?

 You have come to the right place.  Horsepower Direct teamed up with MBRP Exhaust to develop the Veloster Turbo MBRP Catback Exhaust Kits.

 The Veloster Kits come in 6 different versions.

To simplify it the S4700AL, S4700409, and S4700304 are WITHOUT TIPS, and the EXTRA REAR BRACE to support the tips.

The S4701AL, S4701409, and S4701304 are WITH TIPS and the EXTRA BRACE to support the tip weight.

The S4700 series are WITHOUT TIPS, and S4701 is WITH Tips. 

On the MBRP Veloster Turbo Kits or any MBRP Kit, the AL at the end of the part number stands for ALumninized, 409 is 409 Stainless Steel, and 304 is 304 Stainless Steel. 

  • Aluminized is the INSTALLER SERIES
  • 409 Stainless Steel is the XP SERIES
  • 304 Stainless Steel is the PRO SERIES

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